Religious Coalition to Assist the Homeless

Devoted to Ending Homelessness in Austin.

We’re part and parcel in a network of organizations united by a commitment to feed, clothe, and house those among us in need.


For 2017, the Religious Coalition to Assist the Homeless is awarding 19 Austin-based agencies $800,000 for emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent housing, case management and hospice care.  These agencies provide much needed services to single adult homeless men and women, unaccompanied youth, veterans, single mothers, families, low-income and homeless neighbors, immigrants, ex-offenders and medically fragile people found living on Austin streets.  READ MORE


Serving our community for more than 160 years, faith-based organizations continue to offer the spiritual manna to our congregants and the hope and care for our indigent neighbors. Joining with social service agencies, the RCAH endeavors to speak with one voice as one advocate for the congregations and the people we serve as we coordinate and advocate for crucial social services.  READ MORE


RCAH and the agencies and congregations with whom we collaborate are seeking help from citizens who are willing and able to lend a hand. Together, we can significantly impact the number of people living on the streets of Austin. Learn more about the groups in our network and the volunteer activities they call for.

Religious Coalition to Assist the Homeless
Working with Austin congregations and social service agencies, the Religious Coalition to Assist the Homeless allocates grant funding to area agencies whose programs work to expand capacity in their shelters and housing programs.

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Are You Experiencing Homelessness? Or, Know Someone Who Needs Resources? read more

2017: Where Do We Stand

The January 2017 annual Point-in-Time Count identified 2,036 people who were either staying in an emergency shelter, transitional housing, or living on the streets, in cars or other areas not intended for human habitation. This number has remained relatively constant in the past five years..... read more
Religious Coalition to Assist the Homeless
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